Sacred Heart Cathedral

Our Priest Team

Fr. Kaspar, Fr. Bala and Fr. Nelson
Call us at (907)474-9032 to schedule a meeting.
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Our Mission

Sacred Heart Cathedral parish, under the direction of our pastor, the bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Fairbanks, and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, strives to carry out the mission of Jesus Christ to love God and one another. As a community composed of individuals with diverse backgrounds, we gather to share our God-given gifts to worship in prayer, Word and sacrament, to grow in faith formation, to server one another and our neighbors, to welcome others into our midst, and to respond to the needs of the suffering.

Mass times (Winter Schedule)

Sunday 9:00 AM 11:30 AM
1:00 PM (Spanish Mass)
Saturday (Vigil) 5:00 PM
Monday - Friday 5:30 PM

Our Website Status

This website is in transition, a group of volunteers is working to rebuild it (once we get this site running as planned we will honor them here). Our goal is to reflect the active life of the parish online, where parishioners can sign up for ministries online and receive scheduling alerts, and where contact forms can be tailored to the questions we're expecting from you. Ultimately, our website should serve as a witness to our faith, and help us evangelize - stay tuned!