In Sunday's second reading, Paul boasts in the cross, in his time an unspeakable instrument of torture whose victims were rejected by society, and their families shamed. Welcome to the upside-down world of the Christian faith. Circumcision, a mark of the covenant, becomes another divider of men to Christ, for whom there is no Jew or Greek: only a new creation matters. The powers, divisions and sins of this world that contributed to His death are now under judgment with His resurrection. Peace and mercy will come to those who live in Him.
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In this Jubilee Year, let us allow God to surprise us. He never tires of casting open the doors of his heart and of repeating that he loves us and wants to share his love with us. The Church feels the urgent need to proclaim God’s mercy. Her life is authentic and credible only when she becomes a convincing herald of mercy. She knows that her primary task, especially at a moment full of great hopes and signs of contradiction, is to introduce everyone to the great mystery of God’s mercy by contemplating the face of Christ.
- Pope Francis, Misericordiae Vultus
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Bishop Chad with Pope Francis in Rome