A few years ago, we instituted a server ranking system, as a fun way to encourage everyone to participate frequently, learn more about being an altar server, and receive visible recognition for their service and proven abilities.

Although the rank "names" are not used much, each server receives his or her own server cross on a colored cord once past the six month "probationary" period when we learn if trainees are going to continue to participate in the program.

As the servers become more confident and knowledgeable, and learn more skills and become able to assist other servers in their duties, they receive recognition by being "promoted" to a new cord color.

In addition, we award beads to be placed on the cord, which represent years of service, and participation in special or more complex Masses throughout the year.  It is a great goal to earn one of every possible bead!

The ranking system and the requirements for each level are posted here, as well as the meaning of the different beads, for reference, and to encourage everyone to work toward the goals.