Minutes from Oct. 19, 2015 meeting

Present:  Fr. Ross, Jan, Rosalie, Molly, Ann, Janice, Risako, Karen, Mary Ann, Charella, Jeanette, Christine D., Dalia, Val, Linda B. Deborah, Tim, Mike T.
Thanks to everyone who came, especially Fr. Ross on his one day off after a very busy weekend.
The main topic for discussion was the use of the Hospitality funds. The Finance Committee would prefer to eliminate our restricted/dedicated account and have everything in the general fund which is understandable as it would make bookkeeping and doing the budget easier.
The group decided we would prefer to keep control of our money although we would donate any excess to the general fund in March when the cathedral starts doing their budget.  However we would like to keep $500 in our account to keep it viable until we replenish it at the May Ladies Tea, our once a year fund raiser.
Right now we have about $4800.
Recently our funds have been used for the multi-parish picnic in June and the SHC picnic in August, gifts for baptism, lst Communion, Confirmation, RCIA/RCIC, a new thurible and incense, the upright freezer in the kitchen, paint and painter in the social hall, paint and new ceiling tile in the community room, new chairs in the upstairs conference room, new altar candles and a new outdoor Mass sign. As Mike said, our gifts come from the heart.
We feel our funds should be spent on extras, not fixed expenses which we feel parishioners should be supporting.
Deborah and Tammy are planning a pie sale to make money for the general fund.  I'm sure we'll all be happy to help with that.
Val Gilligan has agreed to be Hospitality co-chair focusing on family events.
She planned and implemented the Western theme party to welcome Fr. Ross and thank Fr. Joe, Fr. Nelson and Fr. Kaspar.
It was a wonderful family event and parents and kids had a great time.  She's planning an All Saint's Day party on November 1st from 3-4:30. Decorating will be on the 31st in the afternoon and help would be very appreciated.
Parishioners and Hospitality members are welcome to bring finger food on the day of the party.  Help with games on the lst would be appreciated also.
Val hopes to start our youngest parishioners to enjoy and feel welcome at our parish and rebuild the youth group from the ground up.
The Sisters of St. Joseph will have a cake walk at the party. The need cupcake donations---four to six on a plate.
Mary Ann Stewart has agree to be a sub-committee of one and take charge of Hospitality gifts. I will order them and she will store, wrap and make sure they get to the church when needed.
I'm looking for a funeral reception sub-committee leader to get together a group of women to provide food, set up, serve and clean up.  I shared that my childhood church in Minnesota had a Ladies Aide and the set menu for every funeral was tuna casserole (hot dish), rolls and jello salad.
Let me know if you are interested in this ministry.
We had a funeral today that was catered by Pikes.  Hospitality was asked to bring salad and dessert and there was plenty. Very nice funeral and very nice family.
I consider funeral receptions to be one of the most important things we do.
If we can take that one thing of the family's plate, it's all good.
Coffee and doughnuts is taken care of.  Lucy does a beautiful job of setting up. Ann checks on coffee and doughnuts after he RE confirmation class. very few come down after the 11:30 Mass.  Shannon and Kathleen take care of leftover coffee and doughnuts for their RCIA class and clean up.
The Sisters of St. Joseph are having a bake sale this weekend and baked goods would be appreciated.  They use the funds for several parish and outreach projects.
A Landings session starts this Saturday night (24th) after Mass.  Please plant a seed in any fallen away Catholics you know.  We're all called to evangelize and they will bless you forever for bringing them back to the faith and the sacraments.
We again discussed a Christmas Bazaar but planning and most importantly, a date, would have to be decided in the summer.  If anyone wants to volunteer to head this up we can make it happen.  Proceeds could go into the general fund to be used wherever needed.
Dalia is going to check with some taxi drivers about getting parishioners who can't drive themselves to Mass.  There are legal issues with using private vehicles for this.

Thanks for all you do.