Landings is a reconciliation ministry of the Paulist Fathers.  It's a program that
welcomes and invites Catholic parishes to reach out to Catholics who have been away
from the Church or who struggle in their relationship with God and the Church.

In a welcoming and non-judgmental way, a small group of active lay Catholics join
with returning or inactive Catholics to share their spiritual journeys and explore
their Catholic faith by opening their hearts to those who have been away.

Landings provides a safe harbor or a "landing" place for returning Catholics to
explore your faith and future with the church.

If there is interest, we offer a Landings session during Advent and Lent, and meet on Saturday nights

The LANDINGS Ministry of Sacred Heart Cathedral is hosting a seminar for non-practicing Catholics who wish to investigate returning to the Church. LANDINGS is a faith-sharing program, specifically designed to welcome and lead returning Catholics back to participation in the sacraments.

The group provides a landing place, where participants may share faith journeys, prayer, and discussions of Catholic spirituality with ordinary Catholics who are trying to live their faith. LANDINGS is a unique and contemporary approach to reconciliation and healing.

We encourage our parish to reach out and extend an invitation to non-practicing Catholics in our families and communities.

For more information, please contact Ann Hagestead at 388-2501 or Jan Fortune at 474-0507.